Last spring Gannett was able to harvest two mature toms. But not without a bit of a hiccup! His first tom of the spring he made a perfect shot (after which all of us got a tom and we went home with a quadruple on toms)! The next hunt he ended up missing and for whatever reason became a bit worried about the kick from the gun. After letting a couple opportunities pass him by without a shot taken he finally pulled the trigger and made a perfect shot on his second tom of the spring.

Fast forward to this spring. He had still been talking about the kick of the gun and made it clear to us he only wanted to shoot one turkey. We set up the blind and trail cameras on Monday. After checking the cameras a couple times throughout the week, we decided to hunt on Friday night before a big spring storm was scheduled to hit on Saturday. We hurried up to the blind after school and we were able to get in without seeing or bumping any birds. Before we got completely settled and Michelle had barely gotten the cameras recording, we had a group of 4 toms come by the blind. As Gannett was working on getting one of the gobblers lined up, another pair of toms walked in even closer. Gannett didn’t hesitate and got on the lead tom and made a perfect shot dumping his 4th tom in his first three seasons. Before we could get out of the blind a bunch of hens with several more toms worked into our position. The dominant tom in the group noticed Gannetts tom laying on the ground and decided to strut up to it and check it out. Erik was able to make a good shot and a double of mature toms laid side by side before 4:30.

Gannett proceeded to tell us he wants to shoot another turkey this spring!


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