Another weekend in the beautiful Black Hills! Our good friend Gary came along this trip hoping to fill the freezer and enjoy God’s country with us. It was a wholly different weekend than the last. The temperatures were at and below freezing and snow fell all day Saturday and heavy after sunrise on Sunday.
Erik and Gary headed North from camp and Michelle went South toward where she killed buck the last two years. the wind was light most of the day and the deer were finally moving. Everyone saw multiple does/fawns and basket bucks.
It was almost dark when we finally had one on the ground. Erik shot just as shooting light was fading and dropped a nice 4×4 buck. A beauty of a Black Hills specimen.
Gary and Erik had seen the buck at daybreak but didn’t get a shot. Erik left Gary on a hill overlooking a couple meadows and trails. Gary shot a buck early in the day but seemed to had just grazed it and only found a little blood. Erik as working his way down to Gary just before dark and there were many deer in the meadow feeding. Erik was able to slip in and get a shot at the buck only being able to see the top of its back as it was feeding in the meadow.
Gary ended up being sick and struggled hiking out that night so he slept in and we went down and packed the buck back in the morning.

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