wo great things about antelope hunting:  not to difficult to fill the freezer and it is a simple hunt for bringing kids along!  We grabbed a pizza on our way out of town Friday night and made it to the area by 7:30.  Michelle and the kids worked on setting up camp and making a fire pit while Chad and Erik headed out for a quick look around on the Ranger.  The weather was very nice, yes we had a windy Saturday, but both evenings the wind calmed off and the stars shone bright.

Saturday morning we piled into the Ranger and headed out looking for our first buck.   After not finding the buck that had been spotted near camp the night before we headed up the road to a favorite place in the area. On the way in we spotted a good looking buck and decided to make a move on him.  Erik and Chad stalked in on one side of the buck while Michelle, Kaitlyn, and Max moved around to a distant ridge to watch and video the stalk.  After a perfect stalk Chad made a one shot kill on the buck at about 150+ yards!

After skinning Chad’s buck and getting it into the cooler, we had sandwiches back at the camper.  We then set out looking for a buck for Erik. This year Erik decided to use Michelle’s new Encore Pistol to hunt his Antelope.  Within minutes of leaving camp the buck that had been spotted the previous night was found lying down. Another perfect stalk was made on the buck but with a stiff 30 mph. crosswind Erik’s shot didn’t find the mark on the great buck.  We continued searching for a good buck finding several other candidates but getting into a range of 100 yds. or less was proving to be difficult with their amazing eyes.  Just before heading back to camp for dinner a last ditch effort was made and a nice buck was found!  We made a stalk to within 80 yds. and the shot rang true ending a great day of hunting!

That night we listened to coyotes howl near camp while sharing stories around the campfire and watching the amazing stars overhead.  What a Wonderful Wyoming Weekend!!!!!!!! 


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