Deafening quiet, calm waters and pine- Breaking the silence by casting a line.

  • Whizz of the rod
  • Splash of the jig
  • Rippling the surface
  • Hope for fish big

See the pike in the shallows, eagles nest high above- Try to catch that large northern with streamer or buzz.

  • Screech of the eagle
  • Hum of the motor
  • Teeth of a gator
  • Ripping steel leader

Don’t anger the beaver, too close to his lodge- Fishing his waters trespassing you pause.

  • Swimming for you
  • Slapping his tail
  • Causing commotion
  • Comical trail

Hear the drum of a ruffed grouse, a bear strolls on by- The cranes are a whooping as the sun sets this night.

  • Croak of a frog
  • Darkening sky
  • Too many fish
  • Don’t want to good-bye


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