We took a trip to a beautiful canyon. The hike was a tough one for kids and anyone not accustomed to pushing their bodies hard.

We decided to take this two day trip after the Yukon was hit by a horse trailer on the way to Canada, and the diesel was preset in the shop for repairs.

It was a steep descent into the canyon. We dropped 1000 feet in 1 mile with no switchbacks. The kids were amazing! Hardly a complaint.

After we got to camp we realized Gannett’s hat was gone and one of our camp chairs. no biggie. We set up camp, cooked lunch, went fishing. The day was GREAT. After “cooking” dinner (backpackers chicken Alfredo), we started settling the camp down. That is when we realized the Polaris Ranger key was not where we thought we put it. That was a sinking feeling. We started searching camp, praying, discussing the options and possibilities. We were a very steep one mile hike to the ranger and then 28 miles from our truck. Bad, bad, bad… then we remembered: we hid the keys on the ranger itself- oh, dear.

The next morning we ate a quick breakfast and packed up for the hike back. We were a couple hundred yards out of camp when we realized we left the fly rods behind. Another few feet out and we found the camp chair. Half way up the mountain Gannett found his hat and it was a lovely 28 mile ride back on the ranger.

In the end, we didn’t lose anything at all!