We made plans with the Larsons to take a trip to Fish Lake together.  After Church Sunday the 28th, we loaded our final items in the camper and drove to PV to pick them up.  By 2:00 we were on the road to Dubois.  We made it to our camp at the lake by 7:30.  No one was camped there, so we got the best spot on the lake and it was plenty big enough for our 3 campers.

Only a week ago it was impassible by truck, but the last of the snow was gone from the roads on the way in.  All the trees have started falling since the fire (2004/05?), it is a different world on the way in now.  It was really too early in the year for good flyfishing at this lake, although we were able to help the kids catch a few on bait.

Monday night we were pushed indoors by a thunderstorm.  When we re-emerged we watched a cow moose swimming across the lake to feed on the other side.  It was nice visiting with friends and touring Fish Lake Mountain and beyond.


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