We left at around 4:30pm and headed for Boysen.  It was calm and 60º in Casper when we left.  When we arrived at the boat ramp there was a cool, stiff North wind, so we decided not to put the boat in until morning.  Erik took his fly rod and fished the shore off a point near camp for a couple hours.  He caught two rainbows and kept one.
Saturday morning was beautiful.  We decided to drive to a new bait shop in Shoshoni, ‘Walkers’, and check it out before putting the boat in the water.  We picked up some minnows for crappie fishing and cat fish and had a nice visit with the owner, Sean.  Great little shop!
After driving back to the boat ramp, we put in and headed toward the dam to troll for trout.  We had one good hit is all.  Later in the morning we decided to head to the other end of the lake and try our luck at some Crappie.  Within the first hour we both caught nice 14” fish.  But then it was pretty dead for the rest of the afternoon.  We made a couple moves and also threw out for the catfish, with no luck.  Much later, after heading back where we caught the first two crappie, Michelle hooked into one more slightly smaller crappie.
Early evening we decided to head back toward the middle of the reservoir to look for trout once again.  We had 4 SOLID hits, but were unable to bring any to the boat.
If the fishing had been a little faster I think we would have stayed to fish Sunday, but we decided to drive home- I guess we can clean and organize the boat and camper after church….. 

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