Just enough time to recoup at home and we are off again.  We picked up Chad and left for Glendo around 3:15pm.  We were fishing our spot in Muddy by 5.  The bite was slow and it was HOT(92º).  After only a few minutes the wind came up quite strong, so we decided to anchor to stay on our spot.  Michelle started fishing a smaller rod under the boat for perch and did well.  Moving to another spot didn’t prove to be any better fishing.  But we persisted in the heavy winds and it paid off.  By 8:15pm the fish really turned on!  We picked up 13 fish within about a 45 minute period before it got dark and we packed it in for the night.  Our walleye ranged from 16-20” and the perch were 10 and 11 inches.

We were back on the water by 5:15am and back at “THE SPOT”.  Only needing 7 more fish, the morning was short.  Erik started us off with 3 fish in a row, two being walleye.  Michelle put one in the cooler and Chad put two in and one back.  At 6 Erik and Chad had a double putting us at our limit.  We fished for another while until a Colorado boat with two dogs pulled up 20 yards away from us and right into our casting hole.  Since we were limited out we took off for breakfast at Perkins in Douglas and then home.


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