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Archive for July, 2010

Tongue River Reservoir

This is a trip we love to make every year.  Catching crappie through the ice is one of our favorite winter activities, but we don’t have a lot of opportunity for large numbers of crappie out of the boat in the summer.  One of the things that is fun about panfish is the size of the gear.  We use mirco and ultra light rods and 2 to 4 lb line when fishing for these small giants.  Mary and Gordon came with us and we put in at Toungue Tuesday evening around 5pm.  We started at our usual spot, an island near the dam. After striking out on the crappie there we moved over a few bays and fished some private docks. We found some schools of crappies relating to one dock and started catching a few 10″-12″ fish.  A rainstorm moved off the mountain and rained on us for about 45 minutes so we put the rain cover up on the boat and jigged vertically in 18′-23′ of water during the storm. We ended the evening keeping 14 crappies and two nice perch. We threw back some smallmouth bass and the smaller crappies.  At 6:30 a.m. we were back on the water. No luck everywhere we tried except for back around the docks, where we fished till 11:00 catching more crappies, smallmouths and a bonus walleye.  It was a fun trip!

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We weren’t planning on getting a new boat, but……. We got a new boat!!!  Her maiden voyage was trolling for trout at Pathfinder Reservoir.  We got stopped by the Game and Fish on the way in for the mussel check, so we didn’t get on the water until around 7:30.  The boat is basically the same as our other Crestliner, only this time we added a downrigger, a 5hp kicker motor and an amazing trolling motor that has GPS technology built in.  By afternoon we had brought more than a dozen big trout (they are growing like weeds out there) and learned all about the new rig.  We took the boat for a nice ride up the canyon before heading home.

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Popo Agie Wilderness Backpacking

What a great trip of backpacking and fishing.  We hiked 12 miles in four days and fished 4 different lakes.  Two of the lakes we fished had small but feisty brookies, one lake had big cutthroats cruising and feeding all hours of the day and the last lake had nonexistent golden trout that had already moved deep.  Scout made this trip with us for his first time carrying his own backpack.  He did a great job of staying with us over big boulders and up steep slopes never slowing down.  This year the mosquitos followed us up the mountain further then usual not stopping until we reached nearly 11,000 feet.  We used a therma-cell mosquito repeller around camp but it had a hard time working at our main camp at 10,500 feet with such little oxygen in the air.  The last afternoon and evening that we were camping we were swallowed up by the clouds and had three different thunderstorms move through with lots of rain/hail, wind and thunder.  It was a neat experience making one remember how tiny we are on this planet.  We found out when we got home this was part of the same storm that killed a climber and stranded 9 other climbers in the Tetons.  Thank you, God for keeping us safe!!!

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Fish Lake

We headed up to Dubois to go fly-fishing for big cutthroats.  We took Gordon and Scout with us this trip. We got to the lake on wednesday evening, in time to fish for a couple hours before dark. Erik got into several good fish when he first got into the float tube but the bite only lasted about a half hour before the fish shut off.  The next day was good fishing around a sunken island in the middle of the lake after it warmed up form a 38 degree overnight low temperature.  We kept 4 cutthroats for dinner and breakfast.  Their stomachs were completely filled with leeches.  After a good breakfast of bacon, fish and cantaloupe and some more fishing we headed back home around noon on friday.

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We wanted to get our folks out for a morning of fishing so Gordon and Mary joined us at 6:00 a.m. for the drive to Pathfinder.  WOW are these fish growing fast!  We landed several fish over 20″ with all being over 17″ and very fat.  We fished again around Bird Island and then Wolf Point, pulling rapalas between 2.7 – 3 mph.  In the end we threw back and lost a dozen or so and we kept 9 to smoke.  After filleting them only 8 would even fit in the smoker so we had fresh grilled trout on the grill 🙂

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