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Turkey 2010, 2nd weekend

Jeff couldn’t make it this weekend, so we headed out with Chad and made it to the hills in time for Erik to hit the rim and listen for birds before dark.  With a stiff east breeze nothing could be heard. The next morning we were out of the camper and headed in listening for birds at 4:15 a.m. We walked till 7:oo a.m. before we heard our first bird. The wind was still blowing and gusty making it difficult to hear the birds.  After hiking for a mile or more and calling several times we finally hear a gobbler.  We spent time working slowly in the direction of the birds and never could see them or hear them again, yet we continued to work in the direction we thought they were heading.  We somewhat gave up at one point and took a breakfast break.  After starting to circle back to the South(where we came from) we heard the birds after a crow flew overhead.  We were right behind them all along, but the wind wouldn’t allow us to hear much.  We set up on a hill where we figured the birds were feeding and Erik ended up with the biggest Tom we have ever taken from this area.  We didn’t have any luck the rest of the day, but enjoyed listening to a few birds and hiking around our favorite spots, reminiscing of old deer and turkey hunts.

Erik and Michelle put a flock of 20 plus birds to bed and Chad pinpointed a group of 5 or 6 at dark.  In the morning we decided to start with the flock Chad had spotted.  We did not get a good chance at these birds when they came out of the tree, but we heard gobblers in several places at the base of the mountain as it was a beautiful, calm morning.  We really took our time, knowing we had all day to find and set up on birds.  We worked our way North to South calling along the way.  The birds were all going crazy.  Some mornings the gobblers only call until mid morning, we lucked out and had birds talking through early afternoon.  We missed a good opportunity when some birds walked right by a spot we had just debated sitting on.  So we hustled to circle up a big ridge and catch the birds on the other side.  We made it in time but didn’t get set up very well.  But, it wasn’t over.  We had split the group and we spread out to catch a loudmouth tom.  Erik ended up catching him on a barren ridge just East of where we split the flock.  It was a nice 2 1/2 year old bird.

We walked over 17 miles, got into 6 different bunches of birds all in a day and a half of hunting public land!

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Turkey season begins

We took Chad and Jeff and headed for the Black Hills Friday night.  As we reached the Hills we discussed the storm that had hit a week earlier and the 2 foot we saw further East after that storm.  When we turned on to the Forest road, it was evident the storm made an impact on this area.  We followed only one set of tracks in to the area.  As we neared our camping spot the tracks ended and we had to plow our own way for the remainder of the drive.  We made it safe and sound to our spot and talked turkey until it was time to say good-night.

In the morning we made our way to the edge of the mountain to make some crow calls down to the trees and meadows.  Nothing.  We worked our way down to a clearing and made another call.  We did hear gobble after this call below us, so we made our way in his direction.  By time we made it to where the turkey had called they were long gone.  It seems these birds are not spending any time in the Hills yet.  There is no green grasses or bugs and the birds are heading back to private in the mornings to feed.  We took a nice tour of the area double checking for any stragglers to no avail.

We will try again next weekend.

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