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Grayrocks Reservoir

Our go to spot for walleyes this time of year is usually Glendo. But not hearing anything good about it and hearing lots about Grayrocks we decided to head past Glendo and give it a try for a few days. We got very lucky and found a great campsite that we had all to our selves and could leave the boat in the water even at night! The fishing was good but probably a bit slower then it had been the previous couple of weeks. We ended up catching a good number of eater sized walleyes, two big crappie and 6 jumbo perch. The weather was a perfect summer pattern with sun, a few clouds and just a breeze for the two days we fished.





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We just unpacked a day ago from our annual trek to Canada but felt the urge to get back in the boat. We went to Pathfinder to catch a bunch of trout to can and smoke. We took our niece Kylee along for the fun and had a very successful day trolling cranks for fat chunky bows!




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Glendo is becoming quite the metropolis these days.  With the local weekenders, greenies and a tournament nearly every weekend; the census could rival that of the booming Gilette right now.  And in this neighborhood of such high dollor real estate we are but the lower middle class.  However, It doesn’t take a $60,000 boat to land the big ones, it does not take a 225hp motor to find the honey holes, and it does not take a tackle box as big as a cooler to entice a bite.  It merely takes the desire to spend time in these great outdoors and the patience to learn about the species you are after!

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Samantha goes after walleye

We took our good friend Jeff Muratore and got Samantha on Glendo for the first time.  The reservoir is already dropping.  In 5 days the water level has dropped 2 foot.  Wyoming is in for a doozy if we don’t get some rain soon!  The fishing was not bad at all today.  We spent the majority of our morning at Elk Horn and used leeches.  Samantha was a part of two catches and one net job- way to go girl!

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Toddlers gone fishin’

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Pathfinder fun!

We waited until evening to go to Pathfinder hoping the wind would die down enough to have an easier time controlling the boat.  Trolling for trout is one of the funnest ways to catch fish when the action is fast.  It takes teamwork and concentration to play this game!  Using a kicker motor for speed and a bow mount trolling motor to steer, we drop our lines from 50 to 100 feet behind the boat and wait for the action to begin.  Once a fish hits, you must get the pole out of the holder immediately so as not to lose or break off the trout.  Then another person needs to kill the kicker and take over steering to make sure the other lines that are still out do not get tangled.  This person also must get the net ready, these are nice big trout!  Once the fish is on board, kick the motor back in gear and put out the crank bait that just landed a fish.  It gets wild when there are only two people in the boat and 3 or 4 lines out and even more crazy in the wind.

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A lot of fishing is best in the evening and early morning.  So, it is great that we have reservoirs nearby that we can get to for these bites.  We got to Glendo around 3pm Tuesday and headed to a spot that has not been drowned quite yet.  It is a place we know we can always catch fish when water levels are still not too high.  We jigged for walleye while also dropping a smaller jig to the bottom for perch.  It was a chilly, breezy night, but the fishing was quite good.  We stayed until well after dark and used the almost full moon to guide us back to the ramp.  We were in the water by 5am and limited out by 5:30, but we kept fishing around the lake looking for other potential hot spots for the rising depths.

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Pathfinder weekend

If you spent any time outdoors on Saturday you know it was about as miserable a day as you can get in the spring.  We took our friend Shane and his daughter Caitlin out early in the morning.  It was Caitlin’s birthday and we wanted her to catch a big rainbow!  What a day 🙁  we froze and the fishing was not the best we have had.  Of course being miserable never helps the fishermen make the right decisions about finding our prey.  We did accomplish our goal, however and by 9am, Caitlin had caught a couple fish and we could get the heck out of dodge!!  Sorry it was not the best day, Caitlin!


Sunday was a completely different type of day.  It started out windy and cold, but not even as cold as yesterday.  By 9:30 the wind died completely down and the lake was glass.  We caught quite a few fish and Max learned to use the net!  Crazy Wyoming weather…













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Pathfinder shore fishing




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Pathfinder ice

The Jim Garbutt family and our college live-in, Elizabeth was up for an adventure with us this Saturday.  We headed for big trout country on the sweetwater arm of Pathfinder.  It is always fun to introduce youngsters to the thrills of the outdoors and none is easier to find than on the ice.  We arrived shortly after sun up and set out more than a dozen tip ups.  All the kids were eager to help with the set up and to learn how the process works.  Within a few minutes we had our first flag.  Within 3 hours we landed more than 15 fish and everyone had a chance to pull in a rainbow.  It was a perfectly calm and balmy day on the ice which always makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

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