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We just unpacked a day ago from our annual trek to Canada but felt the urge to get back in the boat. We went to Pathfinder to catch a bunch of trout to can and smoke. We took our niece Kylee along for the fun and had a very successful day trolling cranks for fat chunky bows!




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Back on the water

Got the boat out of storage a couple weeks ago, but between turkey hunting and Samantha’s birthday we hadn’t gotten it afloat until now.


It still floats!!! We caught several nice fat bows and one cutty in one foot swells. Nice temp and a fun day!!

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Bates Creek Canyon

A 40 minute hike into the canyon and not a peep from Samantha, fishing up the creek for 2 hours and not a peep from Samantha, Lunch in by the creek and not a peep from Samantha….  Gotta love this little trooper!  Keep her fed and in clean pants and she just goes with the flow!!  We spent most of the morning and afternoon at Bates Creek and caught some gorgeous brookies and rainbows.  The water was already like it usually is in June, so it’s a good thing we went this early.

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North Platte

Over the last couple weeks we have been getting out to the river as much as possible.  The weather has been unseasonably warm (encouraging Michelle to get out) and the fishing is phenomenal as always.

We fished Saturday, March 31st with our friend Jeff Harmson.  It was a perfect morning with tempuratures in the mid 40s, sunny and the three of us hooking into several doubles and even a tripple.

We wereable to get out again on Sunday and caught a couple dozen fish still making it to Church on time!

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North Platte River below the Reef

The weather the last couple of weeks has been unseasonably mild!  With warmer days and lots of sunshine the itch has started for getting out onto some open and moving water.  4 trips have been logged on the river over the last two weekends with one float trip and three quick early morning trips to a favorite hole.  Each trip has been succesful with the best day having 22 fish landed and  9 others being lost in less then 2 hours of fishing.  The fish are all fat and sassy with most jumping several times before being brought to the net.  Looking forward to a couple more trips before the Bureau of Rec. starts to increase the flows starting April 2nd 🙁

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Ice and bunnies

We haven’t had the best of luck with the ice the last couple weeks.  The weather has not cooperated with us with low pressure two weekends in a row, not to mention that it is getting toward late ice.  The fish are sluggish from lack of oxygen from this long, long winter.  Last weekend as well as yesterday only produced a few fish, albeit nice sized ones.  Our neice, Kylee, experienced her first ice fishing trip this weekend.  We were disappointed she didn’t catch one!

Today, after church, we picked up Max and Chad and went to Pathfinder looking for some cottontails for dinner.  There weren’t a ton of bunnies to be had, but we found enough.  Max shot a rifle for the first time by himself and “bagged” a rabbit of his own!

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Outlaw Canyon

brown4 am is early!  We picked Erik’s dad Gordon up at 4:30 and left Casper, bound for the Middle Fork of the Powder River near Kaycee.  We arrived at our destination just in time for the sun to be high enough to keep us warm in the deep canyon.  The water was just the right height and just milky enough to offer spectacular fishing this warm sunny day.  We hiked a ways before beginning to fish so as not to worry about running into other fishermen, although the middle of the week usually fixes that little problem. rainbow

The day was absolutely wonderful!  The temperature was perfect and the fishing phenomenal.  Each of us caught dozens of rainbows and browns on medium weight fly rods with leach flies.  Every hole, every glide, every riffle had a trout lying in waiting for us to float that fly past their nose.  Each fish was fat and healthy and put up a good fight.  Click here to watch video!


Dad and Erik


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