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It’s been a bit windy the last couple of days so we decided to go some place were we could get out of the wind and do some fishing. We took the boat and Erik’s parents and headed up the canyon at Alcova. The fishing was non-stop action all day. We easily landed 100 rainbows. With the current and light poles they were a blast to catch!




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Bates creek again!

It’s a crazy year! We Don’t often have the opportunity to go twice 🙂 Kristin and Lulu joined us on our adventure this day!!!!!


flowers!tight lineIMG_7226IMG_7224IMG_7222IMG_7218IMG_7199












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Bates Creek Canyon

A 40 minute hike into the canyon and not a peep from Samantha, fishing up the creek for 2 hours and not a peep from Samantha, Lunch in by the creek and not a peep from Samantha….  Gotta love this little trooper!  Keep her fed and in clean pants and she just goes with the flow!!  We spent most of the morning and afternoon at Bates Creek and caught some gorgeous brookies and rainbows.  The water was already like it usually is in June, so it’s a good thing we went this early.

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Floating the North Platte

Our good friend Ty Hallock is a river guide and an incredible artist. He graciously put aside today to take us and his daughter Taya out for a float trip. The weather looked like it might hold even though we have been having spring rain storms move through on a regular basis lately. When we got to the river there was a cool breeze, but forrunately the sun came out early and stayed with us for most of the day. It is amazing how much water you can cover and re-cover in boat. The day was filled with dozens of healthy active Rainbows and cutbows finding their way into our net!

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North Platte

Over the last couple weeks we have been getting out to the river as much as possible.  The weather has been unseasonably warm (encouraging Michelle to get out) and the fishing is phenomenal as always.

We fished Saturday, March 31st with our friend Jeff Harmson.  It was a perfect morning with tempuratures in the mid 40s, sunny and the three of us hooking into several doubles and even a tripple.

We wereable to get out again on Sunday and caught a couple dozen fish still making it to Church on time!

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North Platte River below the Reef

The weather the last couple of weeks has been unseasonably mild!  With warmer days and lots of sunshine the itch has started for getting out onto some open and moving water.  4 trips have been logged on the river over the last two weekends with one float trip and three quick early morning trips to a favorite hole.  Each trip has been succesful with the best day having 22 fish landed and  9 others being lost in less then 2 hours of fishing.  The fish are all fat and sassy with most jumping several times before being brought to the net.  Looking forward to a couple more trips before the Bureau of Rec. starts to increase the flows starting April 2nd 🙁

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Bates Creek

We decided to do a little hiking and fly fishing today.  We decided to try Bates Creek.  It has been many years since Erik has been and Michelle has never ventured to this particular stream.  It started as a breezy cool morning.  We quickly realized many things had changed over the years in this area.  The road to the canyon was closed and we were not sure exactly where we were allowed access.  Fortunately we had our gps equipped with public and private boundaries!  We knew, even though we couldn’t drive on the road, we were going to be on BLM land and we were safe to cross to the canyon.

Once we reached water it was evident the day would be good.  The breeze was not strong this low and the temperature was perfect.   We started catching brookies in the first hole we reached.  There were even a few rainbows to be had this day.  We spent about 4 hours fishing up the creek with bead headed nymphs and both caught dozens of brook trout.  It was a very calm relaxing day and we didn’t see one other person on the water- where else on a Saturday can that happen 🙂

Watch the video!

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Yellowstone/Glacier Day 1

Traveling offers so much more than a relaxing getaway from the daily grind.  One of the benefits of travel is the people we meet.  So many interesting, fun and amazing people are traveling to the same places as we.  It is special when a connection is made and a relationship formed!
We met Geoff on a Halibut charter last summer when we visited Homer.  Geoff lives in Auckland, NZ and he was one of several people that we met, spent time with and kept in touch with.  Over the last year we exchanged emails sharing our adventures and inviting each other to visit.
We drove to Denver early Wednesday morning to pick Geoff up at DIA.  What a great airport!  Easy pick up access, no hassle, simple navigation.  After the pick up we headed to the Bass Pro Shops to show Geoff a top notch sporting goods store.  On the way back to Casper we found 4 cow elk and two calves on the East side of the interstate in the pine ridges outside of Glendo.

cow elk
Thursday morning we got going in the morning and headed for Dubois and the Absaroka Mountains.  The goal was to reach Yellowstone, but we still wanted to visit the Sheep interpretive center and a view of the Tetons.
Our first night in Yellowstone, we camped at Lewis Lake campground.  After setting up camp we drove as far as Mary’s bay looking for wildlife.  We saw a few geese, a couple mule deer and a cow elk.  Erik and Michelle couldn’t believe the bull elk never materialized that night, but there were more nights to come.bull buffalo rolling

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Popo Agie Wilderness

The first pack trip of the season!  We picked up our good friend Chad at noon after Michelle was finished with Popo Agie Wildernesssummer school and drove toward Lander.  We made it to the Fiddler’s Lake parking lot by 4pm, strapped on our backpacks and headed into the wilderness.  It was a 2 hour hike to go nearly 4 miles to our base camp at Tomahawk.  The plan was to take day packs the next morning to Fawn and Thumb Lakes for Brookies, Cuts and Goldens.

We made camp and Erik and Chad fished Tomahawk while Michelle made a hearty dinner of Dinty Moore and tortillas.
Halfway through dinner Chad became very ill.  It turned out he had altitude sickness.  We gave it until morning, but to no avail.  We needed to get out of there while he still had the strength to hike out on his own.  We left camp by 10:30 Saturday morning and safely made it to the truck.
We’ll be back, Popo Agie……

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The Big Brookie Lake

brookieMichelle started summer school on Monday, so Erik took his dad and headed for the ‘Big Brookie Lake’ (so we call it) in the Wind Rivers.  We left Monday after lunch and drove to Dubois.  We then headed into the mountains to a high mountain lake that is unnamed.  We call the area little Alaska.
We fished for two and a half days in very chilly weather, although there were few mosquitoes because of it.  By the end of the trip we both managed to catch 15 fish between 15″ and 18”.  We saw elk, mainly bulls, each day and even heard one bugling several times (yes, out of the ordinary for this time of year).
All in all it was a good trip for Erik and Gordon fishing with no one but the wildlife nearby.brookies

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