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Bates creek again!

It’s a crazy year! We Don’t often have the opportunity to go twice 🙂 Kristin and Lulu joined us on our adventure this day!!!!!


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Bates Creek

We try to make our trip to Bates Creek a yearly event, however, the spring weather dictates the quality of fishing each year.

The water was high, but very fishable today.  As we started fishing the kids (Samantha and Max) both started exploring right away.  There were muddy banks, caterpillars and snakes to be found!

We took home a few nice brookies for dinner and left behind plenty for the next group….
What it's all about


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School has started and we are back to being weekend warriors like the rest of the 9-5ers out there.  We raced the kids out the door after school, loaded the 4 wheeler and headed for Dubois.  The plan was to fish for monster Brookies and scout for sheep.
We drove into the Winds and worked our way along Union Pass.  Before we reached Fish Creek, we saw 3 nice bull moose feeding in a pond a couple hundred yards off the road.  We made camp a couple of miles away from the Big Brookie Lake just as it was getting dark.bull moose
Saturday morning we were on the wheeler by 5:30 trying to make the early morning bite.  It was a brisk ride, but a nice temperature for fishing.  We were in our float tubes and fishing long before the sun peaked over the hill.  Erik caught the first fish of the morning.  It was an 18” fat male Brook Trout.  Erik caught 5 fish and Michelle caught two and broke one off.  By mid morning we packed the wheeler and headed back to break camp so we could make it to the KOA in Dubois in time to eat dinner and then look for sheep in the Badlands before dark.  As we were loading the 4 wheeler we noticed something in the front left tire.  We had managed to pick up a fencing staple on the morning ride.  We realized it was wedged deep enough that we could leave it in until we reached town.  When we got to town not one of 4 places we stopped would fix the tire!  Two of the places were ATV sales and repair!!  So, we bought a plug kit and did it ourselves…

Brooke Trout
After making camp and fixing the tire, we ate dinner at a local cafe.  We spent the evening working and glassing the badlands close to town.  We were able to locate two bands of ewes and lambs and learned more about the roads in the area.
Sunday morning we got up as it was getting light and headed for Wiggins Fork Canyon.  We parked the wheeler and hiked all along the canyon rim looking for sheep.  Unlike the last trip, we saw nothing.  Before returning to town we ventured on a road we hadn’t been on before.  It was a good last minute idea because we were able to find another part of the area and there was a band of over 20 ewes within the boundry of Mary’s area.  We will definitely explore this spot more next weekend!

Brook Trout

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The Big Brookie Lake

brookieMichelle started summer school on Monday, so Erik took his dad and headed for the ‘Big Brookie Lake’ (so we call it) in the Wind Rivers.  We left Monday after lunch and drove to Dubois.  We then headed into the mountains to a high mountain lake that is unnamed.  We call the area little Alaska.
We fished for two and a half days in very chilly weather, although there were few mosquitoes because of it.  By the end of the trip we both managed to catch 15 fish between 15″ and 18”.  We saw elk, mainly bulls, each day and even heard one bugling several times (yes, out of the ordinary for this time of year).
All in all it was a good trip for Erik and Gordon fishing with no one but the wildlife nearby.brookies

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