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Antelope, twice

Mike and Kate both picked up tags for¬†antelope to hunt just east of town. It took us a few weeks to get a date where we all could meet and Thursday was the one! Our good friend Jeff met us at the house and we all headed out after a filling breakfast and fancy coffee. The area is at the base of the mountain and close enough to town to make an easy day hunt and we took full advantage of the leisure. We were in no rush to get a goat on the ground, so we took our time glassing the area before making a plan of attack. Our first venture brought us right up on an old buck that we hadn’t seen earlier. Mike hurried to get in a good position, however, this wiley goat was not interested in sticking around to see just exactly what we were up to. He headed over a hill and we tried to get on him one more time, but again he out manuevered us. We then turned our attention to a small herd just over the next ridge. They were working their way right to left in front of us toward the mountain. Jeff was spying a nice buck and double checked with

Mike about his confidence at 300 yards. Mike set up on the antelope and got on him just as the herd decided they didn’t like what was going on. He squeezed off on the buck at 330 yards and nailed him behind the shoulder. The buck ran a few yards along with the herd and just as he went out of site around the ridge, dropped. The camera man unfortunately was focused on the wrong buck, so the action was not recorded ūüôĀ
After taking care of the carcass and having a quick snack it was time to look for a suitable (in-range) antelope for Kate. We jumped in the Ranger and headed toward where we had seen antelope when we were first glassing and stopped in a ravine to stay out of sight. Jeff found a wandering buck right away to our east and we started sneeking to a spot where Kate could set up behind some brush to take aim. She got set up lying down and found the buck in her sights. Her first couple of shots missed, but the antelope didn’t seem to know anything was amiss and continued feeding toward us. She hit him two shots in a row and stopped him in his tracks! He would have likely laid down soon after, but Erik had her put another in him that sent him down hard.

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Katelyn’s first big game hunt

Our good friend, Jeff, graciously offered to have our niece hunt on his ranch east of town.  Her first big game hunt!  She finished hunters safety last winter and is ready to begin her hunting career.

Since the area is so close to town, we decided to start with an after-school hunt.  We met Jeff at 4:00 and headed for his ranch.  We headed toward the mountain and saw a couple bucks that we decided we could make a play on.  Jeff stayed at the truck and Mike, Kate, Erik and Michelle headed south east to work up a draw toward the antelope.  Katelyn did an amazing job keeping up with her Uncle Erik.  They got in a position where the buck we were after was walking right toward Kate.  Erik put the bipod in position and Katelyn waited for the buck to stop.  The buck froze quartering toward her at about 70 yards.  Kate squeezed the trigger and you could hear the bullet hit and hair went flying!  She hit the buck a little too far back, so we had to make a chase to get a finishing shot.  Her next shot went in at the base of the neck and the buck was finished.  She did an amazing job on her first big game kill!   THANKS, JEFF!!   WATCH THE HUNT HERE

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Antelope hunting

Two great things about antelope hunting:  not to difficult to fill the freezer and it is a simple hunt for bringing kids along!  We grabbed a pizza on our way out of town Friday night and made it to the area by 7:30.  Michelle and the kids worked on setting up camp and making a fire pit while Chad and Erik headed out for a quick look around on the Ranger.  The weather was very nice, yes we had a windy Saturday, but both evenings the wind calmed off and the stars shone bright.

Saturday morning we piled into the Ranger and headed out looking for our first buck.   After not finding the buck that had been spotted near camp the night before we headed up the road to a favorite place in the area. On the way in we spotted a good looking buck and decided to make a move on him.  Erik and Chad stalked in on one side of the buck while Michelle, Kaitlyn, and Max moved around to a distant ridge to watch and video the stalk.  After a perfect stalk Chad made a one shot kill on the buck at about 150+ yards!

After skinning Chad’s buck and getting it into the cooler, we had sandwiches back at the camper. ¬†We then set out looking for a buck for Erik. This year Erik decided to use Michelle’s new Encore Pistol to hunt his Antelope. ¬†Within minutes of leaving camp the buck that had been spotted the previous night was found lying down. Another perfect stalk was made on the buck but with a stiff 30 mph. crosswind Erik’s shot didn’t find the mark on the great buck. ¬†We continued searching for a good buck finding several other candidates but getting into a range of 100 yds. or less was proving to be difficult with their amazing eyes. ¬†Just before heading back to camp for dinner a last ditch effort was made and a nice buck was found! ¬†We made a stalk to within 80 yds. and the shot rang true ending a great day of hunting!

That night we listened to coyotes howl near camp while sharing stories around the campfire and watching the amazing stars overhead.  What a Wonderful Wyoming Weekend!!!!!!!!    WATCH THE HUNT HERE

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