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Bates creek again!

It’s a crazy year! We Don’t often have the opportunity to go twice 🙂 Kristin and Lulu joined us on our adventure this day!!!!!


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Bates Creek

We try to make our trip to Bates Creek a yearly event, however, the spring weather dictates the quality of fishing each year.

The water was high, but very fishable today.  As we started fishing the kids (Samantha and Max) both started exploring right away.  There were muddy banks, caterpillars and snakes to be found!

We took home a few nice brookies for dinner and left behind plenty for the next group….
What it's all about


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Bates Creek

Where can you go in Memorial Day and not see another person? Well, we can’t tell you (JK). But we can show you how great it was!!

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Fish Lake

Three days of peace, cool weather and great fishing! What could be better. We try to get to Fish Lake two or three times each year. It is a great place to get away from the crowds and the heat. Three years in a row now we have seen the same osprey nest with chicks. It is wonderful watching the chicks peek their heads over the edge of their home of more than two stories high, their parents fishing the shallow banks for dinner and hearing their screetches during twighlight. This is one of many reasons we love to spend time in the Wind River Mountains!

Bates Creek Canyon

A 40 minute hike into the canyon and not a peep from Samantha, fishing up the creek for 2 hours and not a peep from Samantha, Lunch in by the creek and not a peep from Samantha….  Gotta love this little trooper!  Keep her fed and in clean pants and she just goes with the flow!!  We spent most of the morning and afternoon at Bates Creek and caught some gorgeous brookies and rainbows.  The water was already like it usually is in June, so it’s a good thing we went this early.

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Floating the North Platte

Our good friend Ty Hallock is a river guide and an incredible artist. He graciously put aside today to take us and his daughter Taya out for a float trip. The weather looked like it might hold even though we have been having spring rain storms move through on a regular basis lately. When we got to the river there was a cool breeze, but forrunately the sun came out early and stayed with us for most of the day. It is amazing how much water you can cover and re-cover in boat. The day was filled with dozens of healthy active Rainbows and cutbows finding their way into our net!

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North Platte

Over the last couple weeks we have been getting out to the river as much as possible.  The weather has been unseasonably warm (encouraging Michelle to get out) and the fishing is phenomenal as always.

We fished Saturday, March 31st with our friend Jeff Harmson.  It was a perfect morning with tempuratures in the mid 40s, sunny and the three of us hooking into several doubles and even a tripple.

We wereable to get out again on Sunday and caught a couple dozen fish still making it to Church on time!

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North Platte River below the Reef

The weather the last couple of weeks has been unseasonably mild!  With warmer days and lots of sunshine the itch has started for getting out onto some open and moving water.  4 trips have been logged on the river over the last two weekends with one float trip and three quick early morning trips to a favorite hole.  Each trip has been succesful with the best day having 22 fish landed and  9 others being lost in less then 2 hours of fishing.  The fish are all fat and sassy with most jumping several times before being brought to the net.  Looking forward to a couple more trips before the Bureau of Rec. starts to increase the flows starting April 2nd 🙁

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Timberline with a toddler

Actually, Max is 5 years old, but the title sounded good 🙂  We have known for quite some time that Max is a different kind of kid.  He has been doing and saying things that amaze us since he started moving around on his own.  So, it was an easy descision to decide to take him on a backpacking trip into the wilderness.  We left Casper late on Friday night after the first week of school (for teachers).  We took a Ranger ride from the truck to the wilderness trail head and started off on our adventure.  It was late in the evening when we began the hike, so we made camp quite a bit lower than normal.  The next morning we hiked for a couple hours and made a base camp and then headed for Angeline which is a lake that sits just above timberline.  Max did an amazing job carrying his pack and keeping up (for the most part).  He was able to catch a fish for our breakfast, drink straight from a mountain stream and start our campfire.  GOOD JOB, MAX!!

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Grand Finale, summer 2011

Every summer we spend a few days with our nieces somewhere in Wyoming on a camping and fishing adventure. We had wanted to take the them to Yellowstone for quite some time now and this year was the year! The circumstance allowed us to spend the week with some good friends as well. On this adventure we slept in 32º weather, caught cutthroats for breakfast, saw a chocolate colored wolf, watched the sun set on the Tetons, witnessed the many amazing colors of Yellowstone, played games in the dark, disected owl pellets, ate many smores (sometimes for breakfast), rafted class 3 rapids on the Snake river, told ghost stories around colorful fires and drove 1,000 miles.

Hopfully these pictures tell part of the amazing story that was one of our best vacations…

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