The hardest part of getting a good elk is drawing a good permit.  It is not a guarantee that a hunter will bag a big bull in a limited quota area, but it sure makes the chances a heck of a lot greater.  We went to Green mountain with our good friends Chuck and Vicki on Saturday morning long before light.  Chuck drew a bull tag and we have been excited about this trip since July.  We have hunted this mountain several times before and had a pretty good idea where we wanted to be opening morning.  Of course a hunt also depends on the other people who draw the permit and we were not surprised to see two other groups near the drop off point where we planned on hunting.  One group in particular was parked a hundred yards to our right, but after we pulled up they walked all the way over toward us and made it clear they were going where we thought of going.  No matter, as they settled in to wait for a little light a bull bugled back toward their 4 wheeler- so, we went the way they came :).  If you watch the time stamp on the video you will see that we were blessed with a not-too-difficult morning of stalk and shoot.  It was an amazing morning and one we will never forget!