Actually, Max is 5 years old, but the title sounded good 🙂  We have known for quite some time that Max is a different kind of kid.  He has been doing and saying things that amaze us since he started moving around on his own.  So, it was an easy descision to decide to take him on a backpacking trip into the wilderness.  We left Casper late on Friday night after the first week of school (for teachers).  We took a Ranger ride from the truck to the wilderness trail head and started off on our adventure.  It was late in the evening when we began the hike, so we made camp quite a bit lower than normal.  The next morning we hiked for a couple hours and made a base camp and then headed for Angeline which is a lake that sits just above timberline.  Max did an amazing job carrying his pack and keeping up (for the most part).  He was able to catch a fish for our breakfast, drink straight from a mountain stream and start our campfire.  GOOD JOB, MAX!!