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Archive for June, 2011

Toddlers gone fishin’

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Boysen is as low as we have seen it.  We were fishing new territory this trip.  It is interesting to see the lay of the land under the water we normally fish each year.  ‘There is that hump’, ‘I didn’t realize that little hole was right there’.  Makes for a less than dull trip even if the fishing isn’t fast….Which it is was not.  We still were able to pick up several walleye between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, but we decided it would be more fun to get back to Pathfinder, pick up a good friend, and look for trout.  So, we loaded up in time to hit the road with lunch in the cab of the truck.  We drove through Riverton and took Hwy 135.  The views were amazing!  It looked as is it was early May with all the snow in the high country of the Wind Rivers.  We got to Pathfinder and met up with our friend Tyler.  Headed to Bird Island. Picked up three nice Brown’s but not many rainbows.  We then headed back towards the marina and found the feeding rainbows again feeding shallow on top in the evening.  It was one after another of big rainbows!  What a perfect evening of  fishing 🙂

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Beauty in unexpected places

If you live in Casper, you no doubt have been to Pathfinder Reservoir.  A man-made oasis in the middle of the Central Wyoming Desert.  There is plenty of rock, sand, sagebrush and catus.  But have you taken time to walk the hills above and look a little closer at the micro beauty among the arid slopes?  There are flowers that are so brilliant, they are blinding!  Such vibrant colors it makes one wonder what they are doing in this part of our world.  We found Paintbrush ranging from yellow to purple.  If anyone knows what these other flowers are, please comment 🙂  Oh, and if you didn’t make it out to see Pathfinder spilling over last year you had better make it a point this year!

Thank you, God, for this awesome splendor!


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Pathfinder fun!

We waited until evening to go to Pathfinder hoping the wind would die down enough to have an easier time controlling the boat.  Trolling for trout is one of the funnest ways to catch fish when the action is fast.  It takes teamwork and concentration to play this game!  Using a kicker motor for speed and a bow mount trolling motor to steer, we drop our lines from 50 to 100 feet behind the boat and wait for the action to begin.  Once a fish hits, you must get the pole out of the holder immediately so as not to lose or break off the trout.  Then another person needs to kill the kicker and take over steering to make sure the other lines that are still out do not get tangled.  This person also must get the net ready, these are nice big trout!  Once the fish is on board, kick the motor back in gear and put out the crank bait that just landed a fish.  It gets wild when there are only two people in the boat and 3 or 4 lines out and even more crazy in the wind.

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A lot of fishing is best in the evening and early morning.  So, it is great that we have reservoirs nearby that we can get to for these bites.  We got to Glendo around 3pm Tuesday and headed to a spot that has not been drowned quite yet.  It is a place we know we can always catch fish when water levels are still not too high.  We jigged for walleye while also dropping a smaller jig to the bottom for perch.  It was a chilly, breezy night, but the fishing was quite good.  We stayed until well after dark and used the almost full moon to guide us back to the ramp.  We were in the water by 5am and limited out by 5:30, but we kept fishing around the lake looking for other potential hot spots for the rising depths.

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Jan Lake day 11

We started once again at Harper.  It seems like a great starting point for our days.  We hammered the walleye this morning and Erik caught another whopper of a pickerel, measuring 24″ long.  It was a steady morning with several doubles.  We took our lunch fish and headed all the way into the narrows to shore.  After we concentrated on the northern pike one last time.  They were really in the bays this day.  The larger pike came in were on the bite.  It was a perfect last day for the year at Jan Lake.

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Jan Lake day 10

We went first to Black Rock today since we had done so well yesterday.  We anchored and started jigging.  After a time we moved over to Harper to drift.  We got into the fish and had a great morning.  For lunch we went to Dunsmore.  After we threw spoons for northerns in Dunsmore, then moved up to the second narrows to fish for northerns as well.

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Jan Lake day 9

We started at Harper today,  it was very windy.  The fishing was ok, but the wind was getting tiring.  So we decided to hit some places that have produced fish in the past and would get us a little respite from the gails.  We went to MacMillan Point and anchored for a time.  The fish were definately not there.  We tried Black Rock next and within a minute or two we had our first bite.

After lunch we tried another part of McMillan Point and still had no luck, so Erik checked the map and decided to try a new place.  It was a chain of barren rock islands.  It turned out to not be good this time of year, but it is nice to try different places on days like this.

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Jan Lake day 8

We went to the upper narrows and saw a group of guys we had seen in years past. They are a group from Colorado that comes up every year around the same time as us. It was another slower day, however we still caught plenty of fish and had a great day with plenty of sunshine.

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Jan Lake 2011 day 6 & 7

Driving as far north as the roads will take us, we camp at Jan Lake.  In a place where there are only septic tanks and lake water for travelers during their stay, we are grateful for satellite technology to keep us in touch with the modern world.  The weather has been colder than we have experienced before.  However, now that the fire ban has lifted the true Canadian outdoorsmen’s laughter is as strong as ever as we listen to the ebb and flow of the conversations around their campfires.  We are stuck in camp due to the high winds and cold temperatures, but we will recover; and just have to stay an extra day or two 🙂


We drove to Flin Flon for a few hours to make our loss less miserable… Neat little town, good food- very rocky terrain.


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