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Pathfinder shore fishing




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Katelyn’s first turkey

She did it!!!  Katelyn got a chance at a very nice tom today and she shot him!  It was a crazy situation.  The birds were constantly all around us  chirping, gobbling and strutting; yet they wouldn’t come in. After a couple hours Erik decided he needed to move away from the blind and call the toms past Katelyn.  He began to crawl and sneak downhill when all of a sudden a tom  putted.  Erik hit the ground and looked as if he was napping.  It turned out the tom was spooked by a house cat, not Erik.  The cat was giving the tom the runaround (which you can hear on the video, but not see).  Finally the cat scented Erik and decided to move away far enough that the tom and his buddies felt comfortable moving toward an open shot for Kate.  As the tom passed the tree to the right of the clearing, Kate shot and nailed him!  He went down hard, but when we rose he took off straight up in the air and then to the east.  This is why you always have another shell ready and you jump and run as soon as you take a shot at a turkey.  Erik and Kate ran after the bird who went down about one hundred yards away from the blind.  Erik jacked another shell in and handed the gun to Katelyn, who made an incredible offhand headshot to finish the bird off.  It was a great hunt to say the least.  THANK YOU to our friends Steve and Cindy who were generous enough to let Katelyn hunt on their land!


Black Hills turkey

We put some birds to bed last night, there is no snow to speak of and the birds are in a spot in which we are familiar.  Listening to the emergency weather station we realized the weather was not going to cooperate for turkey hunting.  When we woke it was 44º with gusty winds.  We expected to have a good half day of hunting before the storm hit hard.  We got on our birds and got set  up just as it started to snow.  The birds flew down and went another direction so neither of us got a shot off.  By time the flock had moved off we were covered in snow and there was a skiff on the ground.  When we reached the truck around 7 there was about an inch of accumulation.  We have been looking forward to these 4 days off for some time now, too bad 🙁

Turkey cam

Now, if we could just get this gobbler to walk in front of Kate next week….

Catchin’ fish and huntin’ turkeys

We left the house around 6:30 to Pathfinder. We had done well Monday night and thought to get a little action in before turkey hunting later in the day. The fishing was fantastic! We rigged up with wooly buggers and were catching or missing fish most every cast. These fish are averaging 20″ this year… Hopefully the G&F figures out some sort of limit exeption or keeping a limit will be out of the question this summer. It will be a shamefull waste of a resource for our families considering these fish will just start dying off.

Later in the day we picked up Katelyn and drove to the mountain to set up and call in some turkeys.  We arrived around 3:45 and chose a spot near one of our cameras where we had consistently seen birds feeding and strutting.  We got set up and started calling.  Within minutes there were birds coming in, the problem was they all came in behind us.  Forunately after some time a few toms came down within range of where Kate was facing and fed for a couple minutes.  However, they never settled down to strut or concentrate on feeding and were constantly bobbing their heads up and down.  Kate never felt comfortable taking a shot and the birds eventually moved away.  That is the way of hunting, though.  The animals have to come in range and the shooter must feel confident pulling the trigger.  We are sure if we can get birds in front of us again, Kate will get the job done!

Casper Mountain Turkeys

We set up a couple trail cams last weekend so we can pattern some birds.  Our niece Kate is hunting turkey this spring and since we haven’t hunted the mountain before we were unsure exactly what to expect from these birds.  After a couple days’ time we have some good ideas on where and when to set up.  Maybe we will have a chance in the next week or two to get Kate on a nice tom!

After-school adventure at Pathfinder

It is so nice having the sun up until after 7 these days!  We took Erik’s parents and headed to Pathfinder after school today.  It was quite windy and the wind was cold, but the sun was out and the fish were biting.  Michelle caught a few on bait, but they weren’t the biggest of the day.  The big ones were all caught on flies this evening.  Erik landed at least 6 huge trout and lost several others.  Mary fought her lunker for 4 or 5 minutes before the fish finally gave up.  It was a great trip!

San Diego Saltwater Fishing

We had a wonderful opportunity through work to go to a conference in San Diego, California.  The conference was wonderful!  We learned many new warm ups, dances and games to keep our kids moving while incorporating skill and academics into the class period.  During our free time we ate lots of sea food and learned our way around the Gaslamp district of San Diego.  On our last day we took some time to go on a trip in hopes of catching a few of the local saltwater fishes.

We boarded the Mission Belle for a six hour trip.  There were 38 other anglers on board with us this day, with several families.  The boat was set up for jigging around all sides.  We headed out from the bay several miles toward Mexico to find a spot with some structure to fish.  Captain Tony worked the boat into our first spot and we dropped lines in hopes of large rock fish.  It is funny the difference between expectations and reality…  We figured it would be nothing to catch a 8+ pound fish on this trip, however, the truth can be seen on this video.  We will definitely get back to this area again!!

Oh, and did we mention we got to see Drew Brees up close and personal?

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Hunting Turkeys on Public Land

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Jigging for spring Walleye