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Archive for December, 2010

3rd Day’s a Charm

We had heard about a pond north of Casper that was hot for perch this year.  So, on Sunday we took Mary and hit the road around 6am.  By 8 we were on the lake and searching for the 9 inchers we heard of.  No such luck.  We each caught a few perch, but the fishing was not fast and the size left a lot to be desired.  We decided to check out some local shops and have a nice lunch before heading back to Casper and heard of another pond that was fishing very well over the last year or two for monster trout.  So, Monday we got out around 5am and just happened to forget a map and a gps.  Finding a lake you haven’t been to in 15 years in the dark without a map is not a good idea.  3 1/2 hours later we found the fishery and it was true that there are BIG fish in it.  Mary hooked a giant within minutes of setting up, but lost it at the hole before landing a nice 18 inch rainbow.  Erik caught two nice sized trout and a couple 18 inchers.  We figured we had missed a good morning bite when we were driving all over Wyoming earlier and decided to pack up and try again Wednesday morning.

7:15 found us on the lake and Erik had a phenominal day hooking 3 enormous trout (1 brown) and landing several 17-19″ rainbows.

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Pathfinder with Max

The only thing more exciting than ice fishing is fishing with a newbie!  Max went with us on his first ice fishing adventure.  We were so very thankful to have a beautiful mostly calm day at Pathfinder.  The sun was shining bright and fishing was consitent.  Max learned to set tip ups, watch for flags and pull in big rainbow trout.  It was a wonderful experience for us and for Max bringing home 15 trout with salmon colored fillets for the smoker!  Watch max catch fish here!!

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Nebraska ice

Considering we were fishing Pathfinder not too long ago, we figured the small reservoirs we fish in Nebraska would be more than frozen enough to fish this week.  Wednesday morning we worked our way out to the middle of one of our favorite stock ponds in western Nebraska.  We were there well before light, but the bite was quite slow.  We were very surprised.  After the sun started lighting the sky, the geese started moving off to feed in the fields.  Michelle commented that it seemed strange that the birds would want to sleep on the ice.  After watching them for a few moments, she realized they were on a huge expanse of open water!!  Her eyed followed the water line as it crept further and further toward where both entered the ice earlier.  Kind of a scary thought, we passed so close to wide open water in the blackness of the morning.  Erik figured the open allowed for enough oxygen in the water to let the fish wander where they pleased instead of being concentrated in our winter hot spot.  We decided we should check another of the stock ponds we like to frequent, so we packed up and headed out.  An hour and a half later, we were staring at another wide open reservoir…  We were able to skirt one edge of the pond and try it out for a while, but with no luck.  One more chance- a lake Erik had heard about recently but that we have never fished.  Another 2 hour drive and we were pleased to see a frozen lake.  This water holds perch of more significant size than the other fisheries and we had a nice evening and Thursday morning catching 7-9″ perch and palm sized gills.

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We have had such a cold week, there was no doubt Pathfinder would be frozen.  It has been several years since we have fished with tip ups, we had both forgotten how fun it is!  The action is fast when a school swims through- each of us rushing in different directions to get to the flag before the fish makes off with a free lunch.  It is as much action as one could have fishing!

We arrived at the lake around 6:30 and began setting our 12 tip ups, zig zagging from shallow to deep.  It was a very cold but perfectly calm morning, making it one of our best weather days on the ice!  Surprisingly we were able to set all holes before the flurry began.  Each time we had a flag we could be sure there would be another or two to follow.  By 12:00 we had our 12 fish and were packing up to head home.  Very fun very exciting day of fishing!!  Watch some of the action here!

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