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Archive for November, 2010

Dome Rock

Ice fishing season begins!!  There are a few reservoirs that should be frozen after the cold spell we have had, so we organized our gear and headed for Dome Rock to see how the fish have grown over the last year.  As we pulled into the parking lot, we couldn’t believe our eyes- is that open water we see?  Sure enough there was open water all along the west shore of the reservoir.  After further inspection we decided that there must be a warm spring because we were able to get on further down the shore and it turned out the ice was 7″ thick!

It took us about an hour to locate the fish.  They have grown about 3 inched or so since last year and are fat.  We only fished until about 9:30 and each of us caught several nice cutthroats.  Watch the video!

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Glendo Pheasants

Michelle and Chad put in for the day after Thanksgiving to hunt pheasants and work off some of the holiday calories.  After stopping for fuel and something warm to drink we headed for Glendo.  As we drove to our parking area we saw a rooster and a hen bedded just off the road.  Not something you see too often at Glendo these days.  As shooting time approached we walked back to where we saw the pheasants and held the dog back.  Those two birds flushed wild and we never had a chance, but Chad kept walking into the trees and pushed two other roosters out.  We both had our share of misses, however, there were several situations where the hardest shots were the ones we managed to hit.  At one point we were in some really thick cover and tall cottonwoods.  Not not much for shooting lanes in this stuff.  Erik and Scout were in the thick of it trying to flush birds to us.  Sure enough they kicked out a rooster in a spot where there was a very small shooting window as he took to the sky.  Chad had a split second to pull up and shoot– he NAILED it!!  As we listened to Erik and Scout going after the downed bird, we heard a hen jump just behind us.  We wheeled around and Michelle had a shot of nothing but branches.  Somehow she managed to get a bb or two into that bird.  Scout really earned his keep with this bird.  We lost her for about 10 minutes, but after finding a blood trail we were able to get Scout on her trail and he found her in a bramble.

All in all the day was very good.  We each had 6 or 8 chances at birds and by 10am had our limit.

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Black Hills Deer

Another weekend in the beautiful Black Hills!  Our good friend Gary came along this trip hoping to fill the freezer and enjoy God’s country with us.  It was a wholly different weekend then the last.  The temperatures were at and below freezing and snow fell all day Saturday and heavy after sunrise on Sunday.

Erik and Gary headed North from camp and Michelle went South toward where she killed bucks the last two years.  The wind was light most of the day and the deer were finally moving compared to last weekend, which was evident in the number of trail cam pics this week.  There were over 6 different buck pictures with the nicest being a 5 point.  Everyone saw multiple does/fawns and passed up several small basket bucks.

It was almost dark when we finally had one on the ground.  Erik shot just as shooting light was fading and dropped a nice 4×4 buck.  A beauty of a Black Hills specimen.

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Black Hills Deer Hunting

60+ degree weather does not make for good deer hunting.  The deer are not moving much and the bucks are not into the rut.  When we checked our trail cams we were surprised that there was very little action over the last 7 days.  However, after seeing the evidence for ourselves yesterday and today we realize there IS NOT much action right now.  We can only hope for some weather this coming week to get the bucks hot- in a different way!!

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