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Archive for October, 2010

Black Hills Pre-season

We left Saturday morning to put up trail cameras on our favorite trails in the Black Hills.  It was a balmy day with no wind.  Not great hunting conditions, but pleasant weather for a leisurely stroll in the woods.  As we descended the mountain we could hear enormous flocks of whooping cranes migrating above.  Just before the spot for our first camera, we ran across a pine that had been trashed by what looks like a dandy buck.  We got our cams set and headed back to the truck to take a few practice shots with the Encore.  Michelle is excited to shoot a deer with her new toy!

One thing we learned this weekend is a person really wants to stay away from Deadwood on Halloween weekend.  We weren’t planning on staying too long anyway, but the freaks drove us away after a very short stint in town 🙂

Can’t wait to check the cameras and hunt next weekend!!

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Another day in the Seminoes

Our friend, Chad, drew the same deer permit that Gordon had this year.  After the incredible day of hunting yesterday, we were ready for a long haul today.  The drive in was very muddy and slick making it a slow drive. We were in the mountains by time it was getting light enough to spot.  We decided to check out the ridge Gordon had missed a buck last week, before packing into the woods.  We saw several bucks in this spot, but nothing we were seriously interested in.  We headed for another area of the mountain, parked and started hiking up into the rocky terrain.  As we made the climb we were surrounded by rocky crags and wet clay.  As we topped the first ridge we slowly worked across glassing the next levels as we went.  As we approached the end of the ridge, Erik and Chad spotted a buck working his way across the next ridge to our north.  Chad sat and readied himself as Erik cow called to try to stop the buck.  He stopped and Chad squeezed off- missed.  Erik continued to cow call and the buck gave Chad one more chance.  Chad nailed him right behind the shoulder, the buck kicked and ran around the ridge.  He went a surprising distance considering his wounds and bedded down.

Watch the video here!

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Seminoe deer

Some hunts don’t go anything like expected and others couldn’t be more perfect.  Today was just that…

We started the morning taking our time and glassing from the truck to make sure we had a solid opportunity before trekking into the field.  We spotted a bachelor group of 6 bucks a mile off the road and gathered our gear to head out around 8am.  We were able to stay out of sight in a ravine all the way to where the buck had been watering and below their current feeding position high on a ridge.  As luck would have it, one buck had returned for another drink.  Erik was able to spot the buck before he saw or heard us.  This gave us an opportunity to make a stalk.  We slowed our pace and quieted our steps as we worked toward the buck.  Gordon readied his hasty sling and crept up the creek bed.  The buck finally figured out something wasn’t right and bolted up the ridge.  Erik dropped and cow called.  The buck stopped and instantly Gordon found his target.  The buck dropped and rolled twice before taking his last breath.

Click here to watch the movie

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Deer hunting Seminoe

We took Erik’s dad, Gordon, out today for opening day of deer season in the Seminoes.  It was a breezy warm morning when we left town at 5:30.  We were at the Miracle Mile as the sky got light enough to see.  We spent the first hour looking around the river where Gordon had shot a deer two years ago.  We quickly realized the does and fawns were the only deer occupying this area.  So we moved on toward Seminoe Reservoir.  Around 8:30 we found 3 very nice bucks bedded down in some brush up a ridge some 1000 yards from the truck.  We parked around the ridge where we could make a sneak undetected.  We worked our way up a very steep hill to get in line with the deer.  They never knew we were there, however the steepness of the ridge prevented Gordon from getting in a comfortable shooting position.  He was unable to get a steady shot and missed the buck still laying in his bed.

Later in the morning we ran into a herd of bighorn sheep.  They were planted in the area in the spring of this year.  Great experience seeing them!!!

See the movie of the finale of the hunt in the Oct 22nd post!

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Preserving Your Memories On Video

Katelyn’s first big game hunt

Our good friend, Jeff, graciously offered to have our niece hunt on his ranch east of town.  Her first big game hunt!  She finished hunters safety last winter and is ready to begin her hunting career.

Since the area is so close to town, we decided to start with an after-school hunt.  We met Jeff at 4:00 and headed for his ranch.  We headed toward the mountain and saw a couple bucks that we decided we could make a play on.  Jeff stayed at the truck and Mike, Kate, Erik and Michelle headed south east to work up a draw toward the antelope.  Katelyn did an amazing job keeping up with her Uncle Erik.  They got in a position where the buck we were after was walking right toward Kate.  Erik put the bipod in position and Katelyn waited for the buck to stop.  The buck froze quartering toward her at about 70 yards.  Kate squeezed the trigger and you could hear the bullet hit and hair went flying!  She hit the buck a little too far back, so we had to make a chase to get a finishing shot.  Her next shot went in at the base of the neck and the buck was finished.  She did an amazing job on her first big game kill!   THANKS, JEFF!!   WATCH THE HUNT HERE

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Jason’s Elk

We both have had the pleasure of working with some great people in our schools.  Some wonderful friendships have been formed and even a few hunting partnerships!  Jason’s wife works with Michelle at Paradise Valley School.  Kristin and Michelle became friends during the new teacher workshops both had to attend during the 2007/08 school year.

Erik had told Jason that if he drew a Green Mountain bull tag we would take him hunting….  He drew 🙂

We headed out at 4:30 am on the 9th day of rifle season.  It was a cool, humid morning, but clear and not too windy.  We loaded the Ranger and headed for the top of the mountain.  As soon as we reached the top we were among two other hunting parties.  We determined they were both heading east and north east, so we went toward the south ridge.  As soon as we dropped off the ridge Erik saw a bull directly below.  We slowly made our way down the ridge checking for other bulls along the way.  Even with the rut nearing an end there were bulls bugling, always an incredible sound to witness in the wild!  After further descent among the bugles, we encountered a nice 5 point bull.  Hoping to intercept him, Erik set Jason up on a ridge to wait.  The bull ended up turning too far away before crossing in front of us, so we were forced to continue our way down the mountain.  As we entered a thick patch of timber, Erik heard some cows talking just ahead of us.  We slowed our pace and began watching for any sign of elk.  After only a few short minutes, Jason stopped us and pointed toward movement in the trees.  There was a bull just 35 yard ahead.  Jason dropped to one knee and steadied his rifle.  As he shot, both Erik and Jason could see the bull rear before barreling down the trail away from us.  We only had to track the bull 30 some odd yards before finding him piled up.  We had spent a mere half hour into the hunt and Jason had his first bull elk on the ground.  WHAT A MORNING!!

Click here to watch the video!!!

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Pathfinder, last trip of the year?? Probably

The weather last Saturday and today was as perfect as weather can be for spending time in the boat.  The temperatures were perfect and , you might want to sit down for this, there was no wind!

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