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Archive for August, 2010


With a front moving in from the North we weren’t sure if we could go out this morning.  The winds came up strong last night and things cooled off real fast.  But, the winds died and at 5:30 we woke to all but calm.  We were in the water by 7am and fishing within another half an hour.  Once again, the fishing at Pathfinder was spectacular.  This Reservoir should be great fishing for years to come if we can continue getting enough moisture to keep it full.  We decided to keep 8 rainbows for the smoker and we were able to turn back another 6 or 8 fish.  What a great day!  It was cool, maybe 60º and just a slight breeze.

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This was supposed to be a two day trip.  We got to Pathfinder at 3pm on Monday, we found strong winds and huge waves awaiting us.  We decided not to put the boat in the water and worked on organizing the boat and camper instead.  In the morning the wind was still blowing, although not quite so hard.  So, we decided to brave the waves and give it a try.  It was a rough ride to our honey hole.  When we got there it was a lot of work to keep the boat on track especially when we needed to kill the kicker when a fish hit.  But the fishing was phenomenal!!  We caught 15 or more fish and kept 10.  As we worked our way back to the ramp we realized that all the other boats had stayed in the bay where all the waves were rocking and rolling- we had been all alone.  We made the right choice fishing the other side of the reservoir.

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This trip actually started out at Pathfinder on Saturday morning.  We arrived, as usual, very early and instead of hitting the water we hit the mussel patrol.  When we topped the hill at the reservoir we realized it was quite windy.  But, since we had driven this far we decided to give it a go.  The waves were 3 and 4 foot and very hard to maneuver.  After a couple of hours of getting beat up by the wind, we had only put 2 fish in the boat (we couldn’t get to our hot spot) and decided to throw in the towel.

From Pathfinder we turned south-west and drove to Rawlins to re-fuel before hitting Seminoe.  We planned on pre-fishing the lake before Erik’s Uncle Butch and friend LC showed up Sunday morning.  The wind was not as bad, but still a nuisance.  We spent some time fishing some areas we had caught fish in several years ago, but only boated 2 walleye- we were looking for trout 🙂  An older fellow told us to go way up in the Platte arm and we decided to do just that, but to wait until morning when the guys were with us.  After picking Butch and LC up in Sinclair we made our way up the Platte arm and started trolling along rock cliffs.  Within moments LC had a fish on.  Unfortunately it came off before we netted it.  The rest of the morning we had several fish hit, several more on and ended up putting 4 in the cooler.  We were a little disappointed that we couldn’t show Butch and LC better fishing, but they had a good time and got to take home some fresh trout and that is what really matters!!

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Pathfinder with Max

Our bestestest friends have the most incredible little boy you will ever meet.  Maximus. He is 4 years old and can name every animal that inhabits or once inhabited this planet.  This kid LOVES the outdoors and will be a great conservationist as an adult.  Most importantly, Max has a great passion for his family!

We are very excited that Max is finally old enough to be involved in our outdoor adventures.  Not just watching, but taking part in all aspects of the trip.

We left Casper just after light this morning in hopes of catching enough trout for our friends Sherry and John to can for the tastiest treat you have ever tried.  Max and Michelle sat in the back and talked about trout, alligator gar, grouper, volcanoes and quite a few other things in which Max is an expert.  We trolled Pathfinder for several hours and had an amazing day boating more than a dozen fish.  Max did a great job reeling fish in, netting, placing fish in the cooler and telling many, many, many stories.  Watch max catch fish here!!

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Cloud Peak Wilderness

This backpacking trip was a 9 mile trek from the truck to our base camp.  We entered the wilderness Friday at 1pm.  Besides Scout, Gordon (79 1/2) and Chad joined us.  We were fortunate to have cool cloudy weather on the way in to this area.  We hiked for 2 1/2 hours from the Ranger and made camp at 10,000 feet.  On the way to camp we saw elk tracks all along the trail and woke both mornings to cow calls and young bulls.  Saturday morning we were able to watch the large herd from a hill near camp.  We watched elk and ate coffee and doughnuts before climbing another 525 feet to the lake we planned on fishing for the day.  After arriving at the the lake we boulder hopped for another 1/4 of a mile to our favorite fishing spot. The fishing was good as usual on the lake with all the cutthroats between 17″ and 20″ with most being seen before casting to.  We fished till mid afternoon and then headed back down to camp and dinner.  The next morning we had bacon and fresh trout for breakfast while listening to elk mewing and even bugling in the background.  The hike out was uneventful except for some picking of unbelievably flavored strawberries and a 20 degree temperature difference by the time we got off the mountains.  Watch the video!

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