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Archive for June, 2010


We made a quick morning trip to Pathfinder to catch some sun and a few trout for the smoker. We took Sherri with us and fished for about 3 hours mostly around Bird Island and Wolf Point. With all the water the fish are growing fast! We kept 6 rainbows that were between 16″-18″ long with little heads and fat bellys. It was a beautiful morning with a stiff but warm breeze plenty of sun and fun fishing on the overflowing reservoir.   After we made a stop to look at the overflow before heading home.

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Middle Fork (Outlaw Canyon)

We are amazed with Erik’s dad, Gordon, every time we go on a fishing or hunting trip with him.  He is now 79 years old and has barely began to slow.  We hiked into outlaw canyon today.  It is at least a 750 foot drop into the canyon and in only a 1/4 of a mile, which is steep to say the least.  We fished up the canyon for about 4 hours with a nice lunch of  hot dogs over the fire.  Fishing was amazing as usual in Middle Fork.  We mainly used bead headed hares ears but were able to use some big dry flies with a bead head dropper after lunch with great success.  The hike and drive out was uneventful with everything going smoothly 🙂 What an amazing place it is!  Watch the video!

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Boysen and the snow storm

It is summer, is it not?  We are having a very strange year and we drove through some very strange weather on this trip!  We noticed some ominous clouds as we headed west (around 4pm, Tuesday) and thought we would be in for some high winds.  As we approached the storm the clouds were full of lightning and moving fast, so we figured we would get through and be set for a great evening of fishing at Boysen.  Not, so.  This storm was cold and broad.  We started seeing rain around Powder River.  By time we passed through it had turned to sleet, and although the storm had mostly past by time we arrived- we drove on snow covered roads all the way past Hiland!  YES, SNOW!!  Watch a short clip.

20 minutes out of Hiland we were back in fairly clear skyies and 70+ degree weather.  Thinking it should be a perfect evening to fish we launch at the Tough Creek ramp and head out on the water.  There was a slight breeze and the temperature was perfect.  However, we were not 30 minutes on the water and the winds came up and 3 foot rollers knocked us right off the lake.  We called it a night and spent the evening at camp.

In the morning the breeze didn’t die off until nearly 8 so we enjoyed a rare morning sleeping in and when we got on the lake it was glass.  We spent most of the morning trolling and jigging for walleye.  There wasn’t much action, but Erik did catch a beautiful 23″ silver walleye.  Later we also tried for trout and crappie to no avail.  Even without a lot of ‘catching’ it was an absolutely gorgeous day on the lake!

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After going to church and celebrating father’s day with our dads we headed back down to Glendo to chase some more walleyes.  We got onto the wind-chopped lake at 5:30. After seeing nothing but big swells and white caps we decided to fish closer to the boat ramp at Reno Cove instead of heading further north to Muddy. We fished till almost dark landing a dozen walleyes less then 15″ and one that measured an easy 18″.  This morning at  4:30 when the alarm went off we could hear nothing but wind again!  We slept in until 5:45 when the wind finally let down and  headed up to Muddy.  We fished the rest of the morning in 16′ to 20′ of water. Again we  landed dozens of small walleyes but did manage enough 17″+ walleyes to make it a great trip!

Look at the color difference between these fish!!

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Bates Creek

We decided to do a little hiking and fly fishing today.  We decided to try Bates Creek.  It has been many years since Erik has been and Michelle has never ventured to this particular stream.  It started as a breezy cool morning.  We quickly realized many things had changed over the years in this area.  The road to the canyon was closed and we were not sure exactly where we were allowed access.  Fortunately we had our gps equipped with public and private boundaries!  We knew, even though we couldn’t drive on the road, we were going to be on BLM land and we were safe to cross to the canyon.

Once we reached water it was evident the day would be good.  The breeze was not strong this low and the temperature was perfect.   We started catching brookies in the first hole we reached.  There were even a few rainbows to be had this day.  We spent about 4 hours fishing up the creek with bead headed nymphs and both caught dozens of brook trout.  It was a very calm relaxing day and we didn’t see one other person on the water- where else on a Saturday can that happen 🙂

Watch the video!

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We set out Tuesday evening to hit the late day bite and the early (and I mean early) morning bite.  When we got to Glendo and tried to drive to Bennett Hill ramp we were turned back by a road closed sign.  Apparently only 3 ramps remain open with the water as high as it is and still rising.  Many roads and camp sites are deep under water.  We put in at Reno Cove and made the long journey to Muddy Bay.  No one was on our favorite spot so we hit it right off the bat.  The first fish brought to the boat was a 12″ bonus perch. We fished from 5:30 to 8:45 landing 9 walleyes and several perch. On the way back to the ramp we noticed the engine cooling system wasn’t working. We made it back without the engine overheating but couldn’t solve the problem and not knowing if we should try to make it back out in the morning or head for home. At 4:30 a.m. we heard the birds chirping and the wind calm, we decided against better judgement and put the boat in the water and made our way back to Muddy. We fished from 5:30 to 7:00 a.m. landing 4 walleyes and several more jumbo perch. We made it back to the ramp without any overheating issues but  need to get the motor impeller fixed before the next trip.

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Richland Dam

This weather is crazy.  We thought that if we drove to the middle of South Dakota we might have some better luck.  No chance.  We arrived at Richland Dam and parked in standing water…  We brought Scout with us this trip so we could spend some time with him and get him in the water for his first swimming experience.  On Saturday night, Erik went out in the float tube while Michelle spent time walking with Scout looking for pheasants.  Erik found the gills in a hole under a large cottonwood tree and was able to pull in a good number of 8+” fish Saturday Evening.  We didn’t know Scout was so ready for his first swim.  But after walking within a close distance to where Erik was fishing Scout just had to go see him.  So off he went down a steep embankment, plunged into the water and swam straight for Erik.  The float tube was much too small for the both of them and after a lesson in staying afloat, Erik was able to get to shore and encourage the dog to get back on dry land.

In the morning, we both spent time with Scout.  It was his first water retrieve and he did great! Watch the video! After wearing Scout out, we put him in his kennel so we could both spend some time on the water.  The weather once again played tricks on us.  The fish were just not biting like they usually do and like they did for Erik last night.  It was still a great trip and we caught some nice gills, crappie and bass.

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The alarm went off at 3:30 this morning.  We were launching by 5:30 and anxious to compare Canada walleye to Wyoming walleye.  The reservoir is extremely high.  The roads that lead us to our favorite pheasant hunting spots are all under water and our usual go-to spots for fishing are too deep to hit.  So we went to the top of Muddy bay and found a bunch of cottonwood trees on a hump and started jigging.  Erik hooked a walleye on his first cast!  The 4 we caught in the first 20 minutes were just over 13″ so we decided to try another spot.  We moved further North and found willow bed with a clearing in the middle to cast to.  Again, on the first cast Erik caught a walleye- this time it was a nice 20+” fish.  Within 5 minutes he had it’s twin in the boat.  We really thought we were in for a good morning, but by 7am the fish were shut off.  Likely because of the cold front moving through the state today.  Can you believe we are having a winter storm warning in the middle of June?!?  After some time Erik hooked one more fish.  As it came tail walking out of the water we realized it was a large mouth bass…  Never caught one of those here before…

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Jan Lake 2010, day 9

We decided to make this our last fishing day  at Jan Lake.  We started the morning at Harper’s Bay.  It only took 20 minutes to realize this was not the spot this day.  We then went to the first narrows and caught a few, but they were not very big and we were still in need of a few take-home fish.  So, we went to the most constant  spot of the year, the Sandy Narrows.  It did not disappoint us!  We caught some very nice walleye and quite a few big northerns.  On the way back to camp, Michelle looked back on a squall that was hitting the Northern parts of the lake.  Lightning struck just west of where we had been fishing all afternoon.  A few minutes later black smoke was billowing from the strike.  Hopefully the rain later in the evening squashed this fire.

It was the warmest, sunniest day of the trip and was a very fitting finish to our great yearly Canada trip.

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Jan Lake 2010, day 8

We headed straight for Sandy Narrows today.  We wanted to hit the walleye hard and stay out late.  We arrived and found there were two boats already fishing our spot, so we crossed the bay and anchored.  The morning was steady.  We were catching walleye between 15 and 18″ all morning.  Near noon the boats at the big rock went to shore lunch and we crossed the bay and began working back and forth casting 1/4 oz jigs.  We continued catching fish consistently until we decided to eat a little after 1pm.

After a relaxing meal of fried fish and bbq rib chips we hit the northern pike bay that had treated us so well just a few days earlier!  We had great luck with the pike again in this bay.  Many bites and several big northerns made it to our boat.

Back at camp we had a nice visit around the campfire with a couple from Alberta, Youp and Sharon.

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