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Archive for February, 2010

Cats and fish, not catfish

The morning started when we met Jim and the boys to check and pull our trap lines from the last couple weeks.  It was really a remarkable morning!  As soon as we got near the river we watched a flock of ducks flying downstream with an eagle following closely behind.  We pulled our set at the dry creek and checked out some tracks that could have been made by a bobcat and others that were likely made by a coyote.  After coming into view of the island on the North Platte we saw a beautiful cock pheasant being watched by a doe muley.

Neither of them liked the fact that we had stopped for so long, and soon the pheasant was crowing and flying and the doe made her way into the brush.  Not 100 yards past there were 3 coyotes that were making their way toward the deer when they spotted us and took off for the hills.  All that made for a great morning in our brushy outdoors, and we were not expecting to have another bobcat this year.  As Erik made his way toward the set, he knew something was amiss.  He just couldn’t locate the closest trap- and then he saw it.  Eyes glaring at him through the brush.  We ended up catching a handsome young tom.  

Well now, that is not the end of the story.  by 2:30pm we were 4 hours SE of Casper in Nebraska catching crappie left and right!


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Trapping day 4

Success!! We all had that intuitive feeling that today would be the day. We started by checking the creek bed set. No tracks no cat. We decided to add one more trap to the opposite side of the draw.

After setting an extra trap we headed for the pond. We parked about 100 yards from our set and slowly made our way and very quickly knew something was there. We crept slowly toward the closest trap and there she was, hunkered down in the brush. A beautiful female that we would later find was quite old.  Watch the video!

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Trapping day 3

Foiled again!  We received several inches of snow last night and figured the cats would not be out hunting.  Wrong.  We saw just as many tracks as we had Monday.  This is a hungry cat that hunts regularly.  This ‘Murphy’ fellow really helped the cat this morning.  He/she walked right through our set and just happened to step over both traps…  The snow sprung the traps in the set on the creek bed.  So we cleaned all the snow out of both sets and we will check again Sunday.

Watch a short clip.

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Trapping day 2

As soon as we got near our trapping area we saw the tracks.  There was definitely a cat hunting near our sets.  A cat had snuck in and out and around the pond completely EXCEPT right where our traps were set!  You could see right where the cat had walked up to our funnel and then turned and went around.

A magpie was caught in the second set.  Again we could see cat tracks around the area.  A bobcat had traveled up the draw and went right past our set without even a look.

Watch the video!

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The winter holds a dilemma, do we ice fish or do we trap bobcats.  One must choose in this area, because we fish in places far far away and we trap in places very near.  So, after being offered a great opportunity to trap near town, we decided to take a couple weeks off from fishing and set a couple lines.

We  did some scouting of the area a couple days ago and have a pretty good idea where we want to place our sets.  We chose a small pond where a duck had recently been killed by what we think was a cat for our first set.  Our second set was placed in a dry creek bed in a beautiful steep sided draw.

Watch this video to see the basics of how we are setting.

We will keep you posted as we check the traps.

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