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Archive for November, 2009

Black Hills 09 Nov 7th

Erik and Michelle were in Riverton at a conference.  So we drove back to Casper, picked up Chad and headed for the Hills.  We rolled into camp around 8pm.  We were up and out of the camper by 5:30 making our way into the woods.  Chad headed North to the meadows and Erik and Michelle dropped off the spine.  The first thing Erik and Michelle did was check the trail cam at the pine saddle.  The first picture was a lion running up the draw!  There were two pictures of the lion, but fortunately there were pictures of two decent bucks as well.

mountain lionwhitetail buck

Immediately after setting up, Erik and Michelle both realized the wind was wrong.  Michelle met up with Erik for a new strategy.  Michelle sat at the bottom of the oak trail facing East and Erik moved to the ridge across, facing North.  Michelle hadn’t seen one animal, not even a bird, up until nearly 8:30.  Then a buck appeared from the oak forest on to the meadow.  Immediately she knew it was a shooter, especially after the grief everyone gave her last week.  She slowly brought the gun up and rested elbows on knees.  The buck was quartering toward and looking in her direction.  She put the crosshairs right on his shoulder and squeezed off.  The deer whirled and darted back into the woods.  Michelle stood up after jacking another shell in and watched the area to see if the buck exited the oaks- nothing.  After taking time to gather equipment, Michelle slowly started working her way toward where the buck was standing to look for blood.  There was a very large pool and it was a relief to know that the bullet hit it’s mark.  After following the blood trail for a hundred yards or so, Michelle found the buck in a thicket.  She called Erik on the Rino to tell him she had gotten a buck.

4x4 buck4x4 whitetail buck

After gutting and halving the deer Michelle and Erik made their way back to the oak cam to reset it as it didn’t take any pics over the last week.  Then we hiked back to the camper.  When we got to the top, Chad was there.  He had killed a nice 5×4 also that morning.  We spent the rest of Saturday packing deer back to the camper- that is a good workout…

Chad's 5x4

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Black Hills 09 opening weekend

Since the Hills did not open until Sunday this weekend, we decided to drive past them to Rapid City and hit Cabelas for a little shopping (it was a member’s sale weekend!).  We got to the door around noon and made our way through the hunting clothes and ice fishing departments before deciding to head out.  We always love to eat in Rapid, there are several places we do not have near us. When we are taking food to go we love lunch at Little Caesars.  Since that was enough playing for the day we worked our way back to the Hills to get camp set up.  We arrived around 4 and were surprised to see so few camps and vehicles.  This was the night to set clocks back and it took us some time to figure out what time to get up.
We got up around 5:15am and got on the trail by 5:45.  Only having the morning to hunt, we set out with only a few supplies and the equipment to set up trail cams.  Michelle sat on the pine saddle and Erik kept on to sit the oak trail.
Michelle waited patiently on her spot until 10.  Erik sat until around 8:30 and made a circle then met Michelle to set up the cameras.
Michelle ended up seeing two decent bucks, one of which she could have easily taken.  She chose instead to take a photo and let the buck live another day.  Erik had a doe and a fawn cross the oak trail and jumped  a buck and doe during his circle and saw 2 does and a fawn on the meadow as well.4x4 buck
Can’t wait until next weekend!

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