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img_0547-2_scaledGlendo is only 75 miles from home.  What an easy trip!  We put the boat in at Elkhorn around 6:15pm and started the search for Walleye.  We fished until 9:00 landing 11 and missing or loosing several others.  It was a gorgeous night, dead calm and clear.  We could see several clouds open up over Laramie Peak throughout the night.perch
We camped at the ramp so we could get an early start Saturday morning.
We put in about 5:30am, before the crowds.  We went straight back to the same spot we caught fish Friday night.   The day was calm until almost 10:00 then got pretty breezy to where we needed to throw the anchor.  A tournament was on, but we weren’t bothered by any other fishermen in this spot-I guess this isn’t where the big boys are.  We kept our limit of 12 walleye and caught two nice perch as well and left the lake just before noon.  Great day at the lake!!walleye

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Memorial Weekend in South Dakota

SD sunsetHot pockets and highway.  A perfect Friday evening!  We drove straight to a stock pond West of Pierre stopping only for gas outside of Sturgis.  We made it to the reservoir just in time for bed.  Erik got out around 7am and fished from the bank with his flyrod for a while with no bites.  So, we decided to head to Pierre for coffee then make our way to some stock ponds in the area.

It was a sunny breezy day on Saturday.  The lake is full for the first time in several years.  We spent the majority of the day in the float tubes catching 6-7 1/2” bluegills.  The reeds to the East side of where the creek flowed in to the lake produced the most consistent catches.  In the afternoon we made our way toward the dam fishing along the West bank.  Erik was able to pull a crappie out under a tree where we took a break at shore.  Michelle caught a good sized bass just before the point across from the boat ramp.  At the big bass!end of the day Erik put a sneak on a big bass sitting on a nest, he spent a good 30 minutes or so waiting patiently for the opportunity to hook into him – no luck.  Great day!  These gills should be getting big over the next two years.

We headed back toward home and stopped in Rapid to see the new Scheels and get some Crazy Bread!!!!  It was sprinkly and chilly Sunday afternoon.  We then went to Spearfish to check out our old stomping grounds and decided to stay at the city campground and fish the creek.  Erik caught a few nice browns and we visited the hatchery.  It started pouring around 6:30 and didn’t let up until later in the evening and then rained on and off all night.  We picked up camp and started for home around 8am Monday morning.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Memorial Weekend 09casting

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We left at around 4:30pm and headed for Boysen.  It was calm and 60º in Casper when we left.  When we arrived at the boat ramp there was a cool, stiff North wind, so we decided not to put the boat in until morning.  Erik took his fly rod and fished the shore off a point near camp for a couple hours.  He caught two rainbows and kept one.
Saturday morning was beautiful.  We decided to drive to a new bait shop in Shoshoni, ‘Walkers’, and check it out before putting the boat in the water.  We picked up some minnows for crappie fishing and cat fish and had a nice visit with the owner, Sean.  Great little shop!
After driving back to the boat ramp, we put in and headed toward the dam to troll for trout.  We had one good hit is all :(.  Later in the morning we decided to head to the other end of the lake and try our luck at some Crappie.  Within the first hour we both caught nice 14” fish.  But then it was pretty dead for the rest of the afternoon.  We made a couple moves and also threw out for the catfish, with no luck.  Much later, after heading back where we caught the first two crappie, Michelle hooked into one more slightly smaller crappie.
Early evening we decided to head back toward the middle of the reservoir to look for trout once again.  We had 4 SOLID hits, but were unable to bring any to the boat.
If the fishing had been a little faster I think we would have stayed to fish Sunday, but we decided to drive home- I guess we can clean and organize the boat and camper after church…..  img_5308_scaled

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The Search for Tiger Trout

tiger-troutWe made it to the lake by 7:30pm last night and fished until the sun dipped and it started cooling off.  We didn’t catch any fish, but did have a peaceful evening shattered by “nothing compares” blaring from a truck stereo and hacking and cussing from a local who was fishing across the lake from us.

The lake doesn’t allow overnight camping so we drove a few miles south and pulled off on road that was mapped as state land.  It got down to 28º over night, but we stayed cozy in the camper.

This morning we took our time (needed to warm up) getting to the lake and showed up around 9am.
The fishing was slow.  Erik caught a cutthroat on an orange and gold spoon, then soon after another on power bait.  After fishing with the fly rod on and off most of the morning, Erik switched to a half back and caught a 12 inch tiger and a little later another at least 17 inches.  What a gorgeous fish!!!!!

SEE THE VIDEO:Searching for Tiger Trout

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2009 Turkeys

It was evident the moisture we have received has made a noticeable impact on the land.   Lakes we once viewed from the highway are filling again and the mines outside of Gillette are flooded.

We made it into the Hills way before dark and made camp on a very muddy logging road.  We quickly changed and headed down the road to try to put a bird or two to bed.  After making it to the edge of the mountain and crow calling we were able to locate 5 gobblers in the meadows below.  There were two together near the fresh burn that we knew we could find in the morning.

The next morning we got going just as the sky was showing signs of light in the East.  We worked our way down a canyon to get near the patch of trees we knew the birds would be in.  Erik sat and called and Michelle sat back with camera on shoulder and gun strapped on back.  A bird answered immediately.  It is always hard to tell exactly where a bird is or what direction he is moving, but after some time we knew that the birds were heading somewhat away from us rather than toward.  So we made several short moves in the direction we believed the birds were heading, calling at each pause.  The gobbler answered every time.  We shortly approached the side of a hill that bordered a meadow.  The flock must be on the meadow heading our way!  Erik set up against a tree close to the edge of the meadow and Michelle stood back standing tall and still, if anything came around the corner it would be dead before seeing anything.  Sure enough the tom came into view and Erik blasted him at 11 yards.  We then heard another gobble.  Erik told Michelle to drop the camera and get the gun ready.  Michelle did so and started forward heading around the base of the hill searching for a red head.   She only saw three hens – but then a ‘put’ up the hill.  She turned and ran strait up and met the other tom at the top.  Michelle pulled up and pulled the trigger.  Nothing happened.  The safety.  The tom started running and Michelle after as she took the safety off.  Michelle unloaded her gun on the bird, who started limping and was unable to fly.  After topping the hill Michelle saw the bird laying down and took a final shot to put him down.

WHAT A HUNT!!!!  The bad news is all the footage is ruined because the mic came unplugged from the camera while Erik and Michelle were dressing it in camo the night before 🙁  with-our-birds

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